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Distributor Spotlight -- Canoga Farrier Supply

Meet Bobby Salsbury of Canoga Farrier Supply in Chatsworth, California, Sierra Farrier Supply in Newcastle, California and HorseTown Farrier Supply in Norco, California

As our very first distributor, Bobby at Canoga Farrier is forever a favorite of ours here at Pure Sole! Bobby also sells Pure Sole on Amazon as well as at his 3 stores.

Bobby was kind enough to answer a few questions for our blog:

What is your background with horses?

I had a pony growing up. Then I married into a farrier family in the early 90's

How long have you owned/operated Canoga Farrier Supplies?

We have owned Canoga Farrier Supply since 2013, Growing every year!

Do you sell Pure Sole at each of your locations?

Yes, Hoof Mud is the most popular.

Where are your other stores located?

Sierra Farrier Supply, Newcastle, CA (Sacramento Area)

Horsetown Farrier Supply, Norco, CA

Is there anything else you would like us to share?

Thank you Pure Sole for letting us offer new products to help our farriers help horses hooves!

Stop on by if you are in the area or....

Visit their website at On Facebook at

On Instagram as @canogafarriersupply

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