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Emily Pohl of Heart of the Hills Hoof Care

I started working with horses when I was 10 years young and was hooked. I grew up in the mountains of the Olympic Peninsula, so my experience with horses was mostly hillbilly forest riding and local small schooling shows. Yet, horses were always on my heart and mind and I knew I wanted to work beside them for my career.

In 2016 I dove into starting my own business as a hoof care provider. There was a huge need for farriers in my area, so I decided to join Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners and start my path to being a full time hoof geek! Little did I know it would grow into a wonderful 250+ horse clientele dream job and business of my own. Today, I work beside some of the most amazing humans, horses and companies. Pure Sole products are definitely a major component of healing thrush in my business. It has completely changed the thrush treatment protocol for me and my clients. The hoof mud is my go to for treating deep central sulcus thrush, and the hoof cleanse is fabulous for flushing out and cleansing the hoof before packing with the hoof mud. I will always recommend Pure Sole to anyone looking for quality and effective hoof care products.

You can learn more about Heart of the Hills Hoof Care and contact Emily through her website:

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