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Get to know Pure Sole Hoof Wax

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

What we love about it

  • It is a 100% natural alternative to chemical-based hoof putty and wax products.

  • Contains only pure botanical ingredients & beeswax

  • Effectively treats issues that require anti-microbial packing such as wall separation, deep cracks and crevices (quarter cracks, toe cracks, old abscess holes), and for white line areas after debriding.

  • Malleable, seals & waterproofs horn cavities & is a nice finishing touch over nail holes.

  • Safe to apply without gloves and will not harm live tissue.

  • Can be used under shoes, boots, glue-ons, and can be applied as often as needed.

How To Use Pure Sole Hoof Wax

1. Thoroughly clean the hoof paying close attention to any areas of white line separation.

2. Scoop out a small amount of Pure Sole Hoof Wax with your hoof pick or knife.

3. Work the wax between your fingers until soft and malleable, press, pack and smoosh it into cracks and crevices, and spread it into any areas of wall or whiteline separation and into infected frogs.

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