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Get to know Pure Sole Hoof Mud

What we love about it

  • It's completely all natural, and... it actually works!

  • A unique, proprietary blend of herbs and essential oils that are highly effective and long-lasting.

  • Fights fungal & bacterial hoof ailments such as thrush, hoof wall separation, seedy toe, & infected heels.

  • Works to toughen soft, tender soles and frogs, and helps keep them strong even during wet conditions.

  • A highly concentrated hoof mud that was created to be spread onto areas of infection or the entire hoof sole.

  • Strong enough to keep working between farrier and trimmer visits, but gentle enough to be applied without gloves.

  • Can be applied daily or as often as needed. Use for regular hoof health maintenance or to combat a hoof infection.

  • Will not sting, stain, or kill live tissue.

  • Can be used under shoes, boots, glue-ons.

How To Use Pure Sole Hoof Mud

1. Thoroughly clean the hoof paying close attention to the central sulcus and collateral grooves of the frog (basically just clean the whole frog area out as well as you can!) and any areas of white line separation, cracks or divots anywhere on the hoof.

2. With your hand scoop out some Hoof Mud

3. Pack, smear and smoosh the Hoof Mud into the entire frog area (really try to get it down into the central sulcus especially), into white line separation, cracks and you can also spread a thin layer over the whole sole for a whole hoof "facial"

Application Video

Some before and afters

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