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Pure Sole's story

Pure Sole came about when its creator Georgette Topakas and Natural Hoof Care Provider Miranda Fior started talking during one of Zephyr and Ivy's trims about the frustration of not being able to find a thrush treatment product that actually worked, let alone an all natural one. Georgette started to brainstorm and said she would have something ready for Miranda to test out by their next trim date. That was Pure Sole Hoof Mud. It was so effective Miranda started carrying only Pure Sole in her truck to use on clients and saw amazing transformations often in just a few uses. Other trimmers and farriers were enlisted as testers as well and the feedback was unanimous, Pure Sole Hoof Mud was not only 100% all natural but also extremely effective.

Pure Sole Hoof Mud and Wax quickly started to take off as it got into the hands of many large distributors and customers around the US. So when Georgette wanted to turn her focus to other ventures she offered to sell the business to Miranda, her first tester, and Erin Quitoriano, an Equine Bodyworker who was starting her own hoof care business at the time and working part time with Georgette making Hoof Mud. The two took over Pure Sole in November 2019 and have expanded with a number of new products in consultation with Georgette.

Miranda and Erin both use Pure Sole in their hoof care businesses and love testing new products first hand out in the field. They look forward to launching more all natural horse products in 2021 and continuing to expand the Pure Sole brand.


Meet the team

Georgette Topakas

Georgette is a long time horse owner and has extensive experience working with herbs and creating natural products for horses and dogs. Her business background also includes marketing, pharmaceuticals,animal health and consulting. She also has an MBA in strategy and marketing.

Miranda Fior

Miranda started trimming in 2002 to help her own laminitic mare, and has been trimming professionally since 2004. She is a founding member of the PHCP (Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners) and has an interest in laminitis/founder rehabilitation, and equine nutrition.

Erin Quitoriano

Erin specializes in the Masterson Method style of Bodywork and is certified in Sports Massage Therapy and Kinesiology Taping. She is also a Barefoot Trimmer and is a member of the PHCP. (Progressive Hoof Care Practitioner)

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