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Pure Sole Hoof Beats- August




Ice Towels and Helos for cooling you down after a hot summer ride or any time you will be out in the heat! Cold that lasts up to 2 hours, stays dry and hands free, naturally absorbent and moisture wicking.

Jiaogulan Powder

As mentioned in the article above.

Potent antioxidant that supports circulation and the list goes on.

You can get bulk jiaogulan powder various places, it does not have to be specifically for horses. Here is one from, you can also purchase the Mov-Ease here.


Mov-Ease is an equine supplement made from a proprietary blend of plant bioflavonoids. It’s composed of Chinese herbs with anti-inflammatory effects.

This herbal blend can be helpful for horses that suffer from stiffness and supports comfort during movement I I personally have seen great results using this for arthritis in older horses.



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