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Practitioner Spotlight - Jeannean Mercuri

Jeannean is a hoof care practitioner based out of Long Island, NY. She is also a Mentor and Clinician with the PHCP - Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners.

Being one of Pure Sole's original testers, Jeannean has been with us as a distributor from the very beginning. We asked her about how she uses Pure Sole out in the field.

Tell us a bit about your hoof care business:

I live in a wet environment where many clients do not have control over their horse's diets and they have small turnout areas; both of these factors can affect frog health in a negative way. I often recommend Pure Sole as a preventative to help keep frogs healthy and dry. Painting on a layer of Pure Sole gives the hoof a layer of dry “mud” to create a healthy dirt plug. It is not something that needs to be done daily, which owners love.

What are your favorite uses for Pure Sole in your hoof care business, any tips or tricks to share:

I love to use Pure Sole on any thrushy frog. It is one of the few products I keep in my Jeep to have available at every stop for my clients. Its consistency is one that can fill all the nooks & crannies of a really infested frog. I even have clients paint a thin layer on waterlogged frogs when we get too much rain & the horse doesn’t have time to dry out. When casting hooves I use Pure Sole as my base layer of packing around the caudal frog and central sulcus then I top if off with Magic Cushion. It gives a nice soft packing to help support the sole under the hardness of the cast material. I use a combination of Pure Sole Hoof Mud then top it off with a layer of Pure Sole Hoof Wax to fill in open white lines. Bonus is the Pure Sole doesn’t freeze in the winter.

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