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 all natural horse and hoof care inspired by nature


Pure Sole Hoof Mud

Farrier & Trimmer Tested &  Recommended!

  • Fights fungal & bacterial hoof ailments such as thrush,  hoof wall separation, and seedy toe.


  • Works to toughen soft, tender soles and frogs, and helps keep them strong even during wet conditions.

  • A highly concentrated hoof mud that was created to be spread onto areas of infection or the entire hoof sole.

  • Strong enough to keep working between farrier and trimmer visits, but gentle enough to be applied without gloves.

  • Will not sting, stain, or kill live tissue. 

  • Can be applied daily or as often as needed.  Use for regular hoof health maintenance or to combat a hoof infection.


  • A unique, proprietary blend of herbs and essential oils that are highly effective and long-lasting.

Our Products

Pure Sole Hoof Wax

Created for Professionals,

Now Available to All Horse Owners.

Pure Sole Hoof Wax is a 100% natural alternative to chemical-based hoof putty and wax products. The Hoof Wax contains pure botanical ingredients & beeswax to effectively treat issues that require anti-microbial packing such as wall separation, deep cracks and crevices (quarter cracks, toe cracks, old access holes), and for white line areas after debriding. The wax is malleable, semi-permanent, seals & waterproofs horn cavities & is a nice finishing touch over nail holes.

Please view our wax application video below.

How To Use
How To Use Pure Sole Hoof Mud & Hoof Wax
Watch videos by hoof care professionals to learn how to use the products and why they find them so effective. 
Pure Sole Hoof Mud & Hoof Wax and be used together or individually.
We'd like to thank Audrey Bryant of Sound Horse Solutions (WA) and Miranda Fior (CA) for these videos. Please see our list of distributors for their contact information.